Kathy Griffin and Maggie Mom Take San Diego

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Hold on to your sweat glands San Diego. D List celebrity Kathy Griffin and her adorable mom, Maggie have landed and it was HOT in more ways than one. Last night at Borders in Carmel Mountain, San Diego, the dynamic divas had a crowd surpassing 500 waiting in line to get a glimpse, autograph and photo op celebrating Maggie’s first book, Tip It.

No, I didn’t get an autograph. I didn’t get a book signed. I did get lots of images, posting a few – I hope you enjoy. I also sent a box of wine back stage, which Tiffany kindly brought out and set up as a prop for Maggie. (Nice touch). Personal note…. Maggie, may your glass always be full.

Ok… so, the divas swoop in, the crowd pressed forward and the cameras were rolling, ala Bravo or whoever the production company is. Beats me, but it was wild. If you think Maggie looks teeny and Kathy looks like a fox on TV, you should see them in person. Kathy is a size zero to Jill Zarin’s 8… I mean 6… I mean size 1. My bad.

“Hello Bitches!” To be honest I didn’t fully catch the first line but the crowd loved it. What I did catch was, “I know, huh? What does she [Bristol Palin]  have that I don’t have……….except his baby?” Just today the news broke Palin was engaged to her baby’s daddy. Oh the pain.

The crowd was incredibly patient, but not me. I shot like a madman, using my press background to horn in up close and personal. Worked like a charm. I forgot my press pass, so I had to just muscle through. (I’m good at that).

Due to the enormous crowd, there was no way I was going to get an autograph, never mind an interview. In fact, the crowd was so large, Kathy announced the bad news.

“I’m sorry, but we can only do names tonight. The good news is everyone will get a picture.” The crowd was just fine and dandy with that.

The event began on time, IMAGINE THAT, and soon the flow of the crowd began in earnest. Both ladies were signing away, Tiffany keeping watch on my box-0-wine and helping Maggie, who seemed not nervous, but concerned that everything went well. From what I witnessed, it succeeded.  Although it was hot in the building, both books worked well as hand held fans, a plus if I do say so myself.

Kathy, with an ever present smile on her face, took time to sign, photograph and thank each participant. I’m thinking I should have sent a bag of ice with the wine for their wrists after this little venture.

Anywho, this is the first attempt at blogging and I am trying to figure out how to post pics. Hope you like them. While I didn’t stay long, I was delighted with what I got.

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8 Responses to Kathy Griffin and Maggie Mom Take San Diego

  1. Nice Blog!! Love the slide show pictures. 🙂

  2. error 404 says:

    great blog! I loved that you sent a box of wine backstage, nice touch!

  3. Squirrels says:

    Thanks ladies. The first time out is nerve racking. I tried, screwed it up on multiple levels, but didn’t give up. Whew.

  4. LynnNChicago says:

    Nice job with the blog and great photos! Congrats!!! Love it

  5. Ellabean says:

    Squirrels ! Beautifully written ! I feel like you went there and represented for us.

    All the very best ~~~
    Big Fan.

  6. moriasheehan says:

    I am really glad to hear Dukakis was a help to you and others in your situation. I was a supporter and never knew of this. Good on him~! Another good chapter. Looking forward to more. Thank you.

  7. Quincy IL says:

    I came looking for trouble. LOL… Great blog, great book…

    You really need to comb that tail, Squirrels.

    Ever hear of the Opium Wars. It was worse than the Holocaust and no one ever speak about it. The British raised opium in India and exported it to China. Then they brought in battle ships and slaughtered millions of Chinese. The Chinese let the British rule them for one hundred years. They just hide and refused to stand up for their rights. Yep… Just a little history… repeating itself..

    I love you.

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