Will He Dance? Chapter Four



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10 Responses to Will He Dance? Chapter Four

  1. Kat says:

    Squirrels I really enjoyed this chapter too!

    We nicknamed our kid “Bug” too! 8)

    I remember as a child listening to “one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater”, I think it was on one of my mom’s 45 records, that and “sitting in the back seat with Fred’. The good memories are awesome aren’t they?

    Thank you so much for posting and sharing your book. It is a worthwhile story and well written.

  2. Not that crazy says:

    Hi Squirrels,

    My life has been going a mile a minute. I finally had time to sit down and read Chapters 2,3,4. Your story is absolutely phenomenal. I can feel the joy, the love, and the concerns. The story is flowing and I didn’t get lost once. Trust me, it doesn’t take much to derail me. I’ll keep checking for update. I’m hooked!!!

  3. Noelle says:

    Beautifully written.

    Looking forward to reading more.

  4. viki55 says:

    I am truly enjoying reading your story. I can hardly wait each time for the next chapter to share your experiences! I am sure your story will be an inspiration to others, those with or without special needs children. It is, after all, a story of love:)

    I hope you don’t mind one suggestion. I found one analogy a little off: “I wondered if this was how Jesus felt, facing an uncertain future.” I can see the point you were going for. I mean no offense in the least. It’s just that Jesus knew his future. He predicted it many times in scripture and in the fulfillment of prophecy. Just a thought:)

    • Squirrels says:

      What I was trying to relay was being strapped down in a cross like fashion. The experience is as one who has no control. I’ll rethink it. Thanks for the critique. It’s advice like this that may give me a chance to publish.


  5. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi friend. U know there is no way to post from ur home page if u just want to generally chat w/u. So I went to ch 4 to reach u directly. I feel uncomfortable posting on Lynn when I am exclusively talking to u beyond the HWs.
    So when did u start the photography ?
    I am so surprised u love GWTW. My BF & I have watched it at least 50xs starting at 6. We remember the first time we realized the steps to bedroom was a sex event. We laughed in glee as it broke our past belief that a mad Mr threw a bad Mrs in bed. We have a game that we play where we only speak in quotes from GWTW to each other. We particularly love to quote Mammy “I ain’t noticed Mr Ashley asking for to marry U !
    I have told many a rude man on Wall St. “U have the manners of a field hand. “It works every time to totally disarm them.
    So I guess u can see I have an obsessive leaning.
    I wanted your advice. Except for Olivia the blog is so pro Bethanny. I feel attacked if I say anything that even ?s her so I just keep it to myself.
    I have a girlfriend who works for the Enquirer. Surprisingly she is a socialite from PB. I asked her why the topless Lesbian movie story wasn’t in the Enquirer. She said B. Is everyone’s darling & it will come out when she trips & trip she will. That is kind beyond the point. My point was the herd attack mode that occurs. Believe it or not my style is to win over not attack. So I guess I am just venting.
    Have u had any DC HW citing. My next soap box is Stacey is Mulatto (so is Obama) not black. & I am tired of the black card. I happen to think Caucasian + any race = BEAUTIFUL ! Is K & T’s dad Chinese ?
    When do we get th. 5 ?
    I don’t know how u do it. Thanks for keeping me in stitches.
    U know how ! 🙂

  6. Wall St Lady says:

    I was looking for my post to ch 4. It must b under another chapter cuz I posted immediately.

  7. Wall St Lady says:

    Viki55.I am a student of the Bible too & agree w/ u but Jesus did cry “Lord take this cup from me as he sweat drops of blood”

  8. Wall St Lady says:

    Only up to
    Chapter 4 ?

    Bobby doesn’t know

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