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Will He Dance? Chapter Five

Chapter Five – ROLLIN’ WITH THE HOMIES   Advertisements

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Will He Dance? Prologue

The following is a draft of a book I am working on. I’d love feedback. What doesn’t flow, what’s missing, etc. Thanks for reading. To read chapter one, please go to July archives. Thanks again. Will He Dance?  

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Will He Dance? Chapter Four

Chapter Four – WE’RE DOING THIS AGAIN?  

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Will He Dance, Chapter Three

I’m hoping by putting this chapter next it transitions ok. Let me know folks. All comments are welcome here. Thanks much! Chapter Three – HERE COMES TROUBLE  

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Will He Dance? Chapter Two

Here is the first draft of Chapter Two. I am still waiting to interview Tad’s doctor to verify his backstory, so expect some changes. If this is your first viewing, you may want to read chapter one, which is still … Continue reading

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Will He Dance? – Chapter One Draft

Will He Dance? Chapter One – YAY !!! EXPECTING OUR FIRST  

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Kathy Griffin and Maggie Mom Take San Diego

Hold on to your sweat glands San Diego. D List celebrity Kathy Griffin and her adorable mom, Maggie have landed and it was HOT in more ways than one. Last night at Borders in Carmel Mountain, San Diego, the dynamic … Continue reading

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